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When you arrange your free survey with one of our approved and qualified damp proofing specialist's, we will arrange a suitable time that's convenient to suit you. if you work weekends will come during the weekday, if you work during the day we will come during the evening it’s your call!
When one of our damp specialist's arrive at your property he will firstly listen to you explaining what your damp problems are in your home, this will help us evaluate a cure to prescribe.
Once the symptoms have been explained he will accompany you around your home and investigate the areas that have damp problems. The approved and qualified damp proofing specialists will begin testing the damp area with a damp meter to the determine the level of moisture in the walls.

Depending where the damp problem is in the property he may continue the inspection outside of the property for any potential problems that the home may have which is causing the damp, for example, cracked render which is allowing water inside the property causing the walls inside to dampen. There could be any number of reasons for damp in a property so it’s vital that a correct diagnosis is made and confirmation of the cause is established. Without confirmation of the cause a correct solution cannot be provided. Once the cause has been discovered only then will we suggest a solution.
Once the damp specialist has completed his survey he will explain to you the problems and solution, this can be done via email, telephone or face to face. At Damp Domestics it’s very important to let each client understand what is happening before the damp operation,while the damp under goes its treatment and after the damp has been cured. The solutions may vary depending on the damp found.




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