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" Do you have Damp domestics in your home? Damp Domestics are here to help solve and find a cost effective soloution to eradicate your damp and timber problems".

At Damp Domestics limited we pride ourselves on an efficient and friendly service, and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction ethic, .


Damp domestics has grown in the last past years to be a reputable company with lots of postive feedback from customers.


it started with nathaniel's grandfather, being pasted down to his son mr brown who currently works with damp domestics to nathaniel, which makes him the third generation to specialise in damp and timber problems.


Damp domestics has a wealth of knowledge from many sources with a mountain of experience.  


Whether damp or timber problems our specialists have the best solution for you any system used will have a current agreement board certificate which can be supplied upon request and a requirement for all pca technicians.


We are able to handle big and small projects, finishing all work to a high standard with a guarantee .We have full liability insurance and would be happy to show upon request. 


Thank you for your time


IF YOU HAVE ANY DAMP DOMESTICS IN YOUR PROPERTY,. Call for a free survey on 07576002422


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